A Pocha’s Journey to Oaxaca

I’ve been accepted to study for 2 weeks in this summer’s La Pocha Nostra performance art workshop in Oaxaca led by Guillermo Gomez Pena and the rest of the crew.   –Don’t know what La Pocha Nostra is check out their website:  http://www.pochanostra.com/

I’m excited, honored and admittedly a bit scared about it –but feel very thankful for this blessing.  More than anything I am scared not at all cuz of Oaxaca, but because I will be pushed to do intense, creative work that I am not used to…stuff that pushes boundaries of all kinds.  I love it but whew, its gonna be intense!!

In order to get there I am doing some fundraisers of different kinds.

First idea is to do a Loteria night at my house or a local community spot….what do you think?  I tried last year to do one at the last minute but it didn’t turn out well.   Maybe this time with enough time and promo?   would you come?

Second idea was to push my FE merchandise (dresses, hoodies, etc.).  So this is what I’m going for.  Every FE item sold in the month of JUNE 2010 will go towards my trip to Oaxaca.

Yes, I’m a pocha.  Don’t really call myself one anymore…can speak the language, know the culture but hey i’m still del otro lado…born in El Paso, Tejas and raised in Los Angeles.

Please help me spread the word and support!  The FE T-dresses are great as summer dresses for the beach as pullovers, for around the house, for danza, as a t-shirt with jeans or leggings or even as a club dress!   chiaooo!  😉  I’ve seen mujeres where it all different ways and on all different body types.  We also got “of size” sizes from Small-3X, though the larger ones are just in T-shirts.  The T-dresses run Sm-XL.

To order yours today:    http://urbanxic.com/clothing/fe/

FE "Chiapaneca Heart" T-dress in RED

Thanks so much for your support!



3 thoughts on “A Pocha’s Journey to Oaxaca

  1. Good Luck Felicia! I would be curious to get your thoughts on the Pocha Nostra if I bump into you sometime. I’ve always be curious as to what the fascination is with it and who supports Pena (i.e. who funds his endeavors). I will buy something from you soon though 🙂 \

    As always much respect,

    1. Yes! I would love to participate in a lotteria night, and can commit to bringing a few people with me 🙂 and if your a pocha then damn I guess this nonspanish speaking Chicana needs to come to terms with that too! Booo, nooooo!

  2. Hi Felicia,

    I loved this dress so, I would like to know its price…
    I had been trying to order in the web site but it doesn´t work.
    could you help me please?

    thank you so much!

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