Health is Wealth

So these few days all I can think about is calories and my step-counter.  I’m trying to lose weight what I now call “releasing” weight (thanks to Chris of Decolonial Food for thought).  I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years…so I’ve always connected what I eat to my health, the environment, animal and earth rights, etc.   Still I am a recoverring fast food vegetarian…meaning veggie tortas (rice and beans) and cheeseburgers no meat, fries and all the fixings… and lots. I mean lots of rice and beans.   Over those 20 years i was not a whole food or even trader joes vegetarian nor vegan.  I’m what they call a lacto-ovo vegetarian.  I eat NO meat, fish, chicken or any seafood but do intake animal products, eggs and dairy.

I remember growing up and always being thin.  I used to hope to put on weight and for me to gain some curves in all the right places.   I was the same weight most of my life.   Up untill a few years ago –maybe when I stopped going to the baile (norteno/banda dance clubs) on a regular did I finally gain some weight and then a little too much (in my eyes).  I am over the weight I would prefer to be….tighter jeans, outta shape walking around, etc.

I’ve been wanting to start an exercise plan for years, this past year I thought about it alot more because of ceremonies that I’m involved in and trying to get both physically and spiritually prepared.  I also have a few slipped disks that cause me pain so I’ve been slow to start something and also realizing that I NEED to start something for my back pain and overall health and all the above reasons.

I finally started slow— I started to walk my dogs.  Its become an everyday practice that I look forward to.  I try to do at least a mile and sometimes 2.   I also am trying to do some Bandaerobics in my own casa putting on a few songs of the best banda and nortena music I know….it always gets me going…so I just dance around my living room and try to add aerobic and stretch moves in the dancing.  I love it!!

On the food tip…I was very much a soda everyday person…not to mention fries or chips or somekind of not to good for me junk food.   I’ve been doing my best to eat better and try not to buy out.  If I do…I try and get veggie sandwiches or salads.   I’m taking my own food and snacks to work more and I feel really good about it all.

I’m proud to say I already feel the difference…I’ve release about 3-5 pounds…and i’m excited!  I hope to keep it going for the rest of my life…. cuz though I have very few vices (i’m sober, and a vegetarian)…I felt that cosas like soda and junk snacks were my vicios.   Now to living that dicho that “health is wealth.”

Thanks to my partner,  Joel for walking with me sometimes and making some bomb veggie meals for me!  =D

Thanks to (Chris and Claudia) for leading by example.

and to the creator for another day of life and love…..

to all my relations,


2 thoughts on “Health is Wealth

  1. Estimada Fe,

    Well said sister! Although I must say that your path is one I desire to follow too! I must let go of the pisto! We can’t do this alone…Tlazokamatli for this genuine reflection! No estas sola!



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