One is the Magic Number – Jill Scott

“One is the Magic Number”   – Jill Scott

it has taken me almost 12 years to decide it was ok to move away from collective work and creations and begin working on my own.  I have give myself the ok and license to create & perform solo work.  This came about for various reasons.

I am really excited about the things that have happened since I decided to put me not necessarily 1st but at least in the line…lol!

  • I have started an MFA at Otis College of Art & Design in Public Practice (an activist, community based art program) which I love!!
  • I am performing solo performance/teatro work and created my 1st solo show “Loteria Xicana” within TeAda Works Festival’s workshop series (which I was blessed to be a part of)
  • I am sharing my spoken word, floetry, and hip hop in various parts of the southwest
  • I’ve learned video editing, silkscreening, photoshop so wassssh out!
  • I’ve finally recorded/documented my work through video, sound, etc.  (I got a YouTube channel with them)
  • I began exhibiting my visual art creations (silkscreens, installations)
  • I got accepted to be in the La Pocha Nostra’s 2 week performance workshop in Oaxaca in August 2010.

I share these because all of these blessings/new skills are part of my tools to create change and transformation in me and my communities/circles.  I always share or put to use my knowledge and experience and I know this knowledge is therefore for all.

I give thanks to creator and my ancestors for their blessings and wish the same onto you and them.



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