I have been interested in photography since junior high and high school where I took photo classes and learned to develop and print my own black and white prints.  For most of my teenage years,  I would dream of getting a camera.  One of my interests is  “documenting the undocumented,” and alterNative cultures.

One project documents Mexican cowboy culture in Los Angeles from in 2010-2011.  Some photos and my 1st photo book are below.

“El Rancho”



2 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. Hey Felicia,

    First off, let me say that I’m inspired by your website! This is all so awesome!

    I should introduce myself, my name is Nora Alvarez, I am a junior at the University of Oregon. I’m trying to organize a speaker series for next year. I’m involved with the Multi-Cultural Center and MEChA. So far I’ve been thinking of contacting and bringing Juan Gonzalez, one of the founders of the Young Lords Party.
    I just read the information on and i was thinking it would be awesome to bring him and yourself, maybe like sometime next year. How does October 2011-May 2012 look for you?
    My idea is to bring someone from the Black Panthers Party as well. What I hope to achieve with this is to get activists from back in the 60’s who were making change for their communities, have them talk about their experiences and talk about what they think we should be doing today as young leaders…
    Let me know what you think.

    Nora Alvarez

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