Botanica del Barrio

La Botanica del Barrio Rolling Remedios Cart is an alterNative mobile medicine cart that aims to educate, dialogue and document wellness remedies, recipes, herb and plants uses and Mexican traditional medicine.  Check out the website here:

The project highlights indigenous and people of color traditional, experiential, cultural and holistic knowledge and aims to make it accessible by creating a location for exchange, sharing, and teaching in non­traditional spaces. The cart specifically aims to make these exchanges more accessible by moving the conversation out of the home and/or traditional botanica or the high priced wellness space, where this knowledge is often held, and into the streets focusing on community and public settings. 


The project centers Xicana Indigenous holistic artivist methodology to reconnect and learn medicine and traditions from people and plants. The moving botanica of rolling remedios is a natural witness to Fe’s and or communities work, research and practice in healing, indigenous practices, wellness, and Mexican traditional medicine as well as encompassing themes of mobility, migration, spirit, ritual, politics and public art.