Felicia is Xicana Indigena women with roots in Chihuahua, Mexico.   As a practitioner of pan-indigenous cultural ways Felicia is on a lifelong journey of education, growth, and transformation and often shares her experiences and knowledge passed down to her from elders/guides to younger generations.

In 1997, Felicia helped organize and was a participant in a seminal event in emerging Chican@ art his and her story, the Chicano/Chiapaneco Intercontinental Gathering in Oventic, Chiapas, Mexico.  This gathering of dialogue and art was shared between young Chican@ artists and Zapatista men and women.  Since then she has done much work inspired by the Zapatistas in her own communities.

Since 2000, Felicia has been involved in running, supporting, organizing, and fundraising for the Peace & Dignity Journeys, a spiritual run that transverses North and South America to pray for peace & dignity.  In 2008 she produced a compilation music CD to benefit the run.

She also practices Xicana and Native American spirituality and Aztec/Mexica dance.

In addition, she creates altars and installations and has helped to create Day of the Dead ceremonies and festivals based in the Aztec and Chicana/o artistic and spiritual tradition since 1997.

She also facilitates monthly women’s talking and healing circles every full moon since 2010 based in the Aztec and indigenous healing circle.

As a poet, singer and drummer of In Lak Ech (the Xicana Indigenous drum and song group) and on her own, she has helped to facilitate opening blessings and prayers in many spaces.

The groups that Felicia is/has been involved in, including Mujeres de Maiz, In Lak Ech and La Red Xicana Indigena all practice and create their work as spiritual and cultural activists/organizers/educators.