Felicia is a daughter of the movement and of a Chican@ family involved in the civil rights and Chican@ movement of the 1960’s and 70’s.  She has been involved in civic engagement, community outreach and cultural/political events since birth and has come into her own as a organizer, artist, and facilitator throughout Los Angeles and Southwest.

Felicia is a experienced community organizer, education coordinator, and public outreach director.  She has worked in both local and transnational organizing efforts crossing borders and connecting issues like education, prison industrial complex, women’s, indigenous, and LGTBQ rights and much more.

She organized the Annual Cesar Chavez Day Walk & Festival for 8 years, most of those taking care of all components (logistics, outreach, etc.) on her own.   Her passion for social justice keeps her connected to a wide range of issues and communities.

She is a founding member of various collectives and organizations including Mujeres de Maiz, In Lak Ech, Urban Xic and La Red Xicana Indigena.

Felicia is available to share her experiences in organizing and working within various communities, share information on different issues and causes, and make connection across communities.  Her focus is women, art, activism, and indigenous peoples and worldview.

Felicia has donated her time to hundreds of events since 1997, honorariums for this work are welcomed and deeply appreciated and help keep the work going.  Thank you!