“the mercado for the movimiento”  
(the market for the movement)


LOS ANGELES is surrounded by amazing artists and a plethora of artesanos, vendors,
and access to great, innovative, creative items that represent cultura.

Everything from a cool shirt, to a traditional clothing item, to amazing handmade jewelry and even healthy-living items that our friends and companer@s in the movement have created, reinvented and provide for us.

In order to make ARTE accessible to our growing Raza community across Aztlan and beyond, and to support the artists work and their sustainability, Felicia Montes and her partner, Joel Garcia created URBAN XIC (2007).

Urban Xic is an online store for socially conscious, creative, community-created, urban culture items.

It carries items from Ilaments Jewelry, Fe, Rage One, Yerberia Mayahuel, Mujeres de Maiz and other artists/activists and collectives.


Check us out and support the revolution of mind, body, and spirit!