La Pocha Nostra Performance Taller Finale in Oaxaca, Mexico (August, 2010).


Huichola is an image/character that I worked at the end of  a 2 week performance art workshop with Guillermo Gomez-Pena’s performance crew,  La Pocha Nostra.  The photos shown here are from our final performance event at the Museo de Ferrocarril in Oaxaca City, Mexico.

1st three photos by Christian Bracho, last photo by Berenice Guraieb

Huichola speaks to the experiences and culture of urban indigenous peoples.  This one specifically of the huichol indigenous nation of Mexico and urban chola/cholo culture.  I’ve always been rather weary of performing “cholismo” or gang culture since much of our community has been exploited by mainstream and I think those who do not know or have not lived the experience should not perform it, but this connection of native teachings and urban teachings felt right.