Felicia is a published poet and writer.  Her work has also been documented in various academic essays.  Since 1997, Felicia has been published in each of the Mujeres de Maiz art and poetry Publications and also in La Gente and Loudmouth Magazines.   Her work can also be heard on the In Lak Ech CD “Mujeres Con Palabra,”  1997, availble on iTunes.   Her solo work can be heard at

In addition her poetry book titled “Ten Fe”  was self-published in 2011.  View or buy it here…


She was interviewed and the subject of a forthcoming co-written essay on her self-named “Fe” clothing line by Dr. Amber Rose Gonzalez and Dr. Chela Sandoval.


Fe was also included in the thesis and article on Chicana Hip hop Femcees in Los Angeles by Diana Carolina Peláez Rodríguez. The full thesis which includes 4 Chicana emcees is available n Spanish here:áez-Diana.pdf   A shortened essay was also recently published titled “Guerrera Beats.”

Felicia has a published essay on Mujeres de Maiz in the book “Rushing Waters, Rising Dreams” edited by Luis Rodriguez and Denise Sandoval.  The book won a Bronze Medal in the Multicultural Non Fiction Adult section of the Independent Publisher Book Awards in May 2013.

More recently, Fe’s poem “Sacrificios” was published in the book “Fleshing the Spirit: Spirituality and Activism in Chicana, Latina and Indigenous Women’s Lives” out on University of Arizona Press.  The book is available here:


Fe also has a forthcoming essay in the forthcoming anthology by Third Woman Press. The essay about her holistic artivist interventions is titled “Movement Spirit: The Artivism of Felicia Montes.”