Felicia writes and performs solo performance pieces that are a mix of theater, spoken word, and performance art.  She has studied and taken writing and performance workshops from artists and writers including Guillermo Gomez Pena, Cherrie Moraga, and Elia Arce.

Revolutionary Remixes may include:
Spoken word/Poetry
Hip hop songs/beats
Indigenous songs
Digital imagery

Her most recent more teatro and spoken word performance piece is titled


LOTERIA XICANA is a work in progress, spoken word infused performance piece remixing counterculture hybrid identities and Felicia’s own original “MexSheCan” Lotería cards to weave together the varied identities and experiences of a modern-day Xicana.  The work is both personal and political, connecting local and global issues, including politics, revolution, transformation, and spirituality.  It delves into themes of identity, feminism, Cultural & ethnic studies, Social Change, Chicana/Latina and Native/Tribal experiences and life in the academy, streets, community, ceremony, club, nation, diaspora,  and the Borderlands.

  • Duration 20 minutes.
  • Audio/Visual needs include LCD Projector, & Laptop w/ speakers (Powerpoint and music accessible).
  • Available for festivals, conferences, theater and performance events, etc.

Here’s a Link to video of the performance:

Check out what audiences are saying about  “Loteria Xicana”

“Thoughtful, entertaining, well acted”            “Amazing!”       “Wonderful!”         “I loved it.”   “Very entertaining”            “Wonderful stage presence.”   “Wow.  Ingenious weaving of the elements.”    “Wonderful!   Use of props, use of language, use of movement.  Excellent!”   “Love the poetry!”         “Wow, loved it!”    “Funny!”            “Amazing!”
“Wonderful combination of spoken word and performance.”
“A really beautiful piece.  I thought the use of music and props was great.”
“Good mix of humor, reality, serious moments”      “An excellent statement of “Who Am I?”
“The poetry is beautiful!   It’s complex, but also very accessible.”     “Thoughtful, entertaining, well acted.”
“As a student activist myself, I found her piece very relatable””Excellent blending of Spanish and English”
“The connection I felt to her, being Chicano myself, was beyond any physical bond anyone can even experience.  Her process about fragmenting herself and showing it to the audience was incredible.”
“Even though I’m not a Xicana, I still found this relatable and inspirational, especially about self love and coming to terms with my ancestral past and discovering my indigenous roots.