Felicia has shared workshops and presentations to various audiences and communities with a mix of age, gender, education since 1997.  Her welcoming demeanor and passion for community and transformation are apparent in her work, art and presentations and are always shared.   Felicia has donated her time to hundreds of events. Honorariums for these presentations are most welcome and deeply appreciated and help keep the work flourishing.  Thank you!

See more about performances, keynotes, workshops, etc. at the One Sheet below.



  1. “Educate, Empower, Transform – Artivism in Action”
  2. “Mujeres de Maiz- Harvesting Hope and Healing through Art.”
  3. “Movemynt Pains:  Dealing with Sexism & Fleshing Feminism in Social Justice Circles”
  4. “Cultura Cura Circles: Culturally based Holistic Talking Circles for Ourselves & our Community”
  5. “Wombyn’s Circles – Healing in CommUnity”
  6. “Self Care for Students or Self Care for Activists”
  7. “Decolonizing Healing: Ancestral and Abuelita Knowledge”
  8. “Cesar Chavez:  Education, Celebration, and Service”
  9. “(W)riting Our Stories” -Writing Workshop

Felicia is available to perform, keynote, and lead a workshop at your campus or center.

She has shared at a wide range of events, including everything from Culture Days, Raza Day’s, Xicana Week, Women’s Week, Poetry Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Take Back The Night, Indigenous People’s Day/Night and Heritage Months for the Raza and Indigenous communities, graduations, ceremonies, and more!

Felicia is available to honor and commemorate specific National and international days and events including but not limited to:


  1. Zapatista Anniversary (Jan. 1st)


  • New Year, New You – Intentions & Vision
  • Zapatismo 101
  • Mujeres Zapatistas
  • What LArtivists learned from the Z’s.


  1. Valentine’s Day
  2. World Day of Social Justice (Feb. 20)


  • Self Love and Self Care
  • Loving Self, Loving Community
  • Artivism & Edutainment



  1. Women’s History Month
  2. World Poetry Day (March 21st)
  3. Cesar Chavez Day (March 31st)


  • Cesar Chavez Day
  • The United Farm Workers influence on Chican@ Artists
  • Poetry/creative writing workshop
  • Starting your own women’s group
  • Women’s Circles/Council
  • Movemynt Pains: Accountability within campus and activist circles


  1. National Poetry Month
  2. Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  3. Take Back the Night
  4. Denim Day
  5. Earth Day (April 22nd)
  6. Alchohol Awareness Month


  • My journey to honor Mother Earth
  • Poetry/Creative Writing workshop
  • Poetry/Floetry/Hip hop performance
  • Chicanas in Hip Hop
  • Healthy Relationships 101/Violence 101
  • My path to Sobriety


  1. International Worker’s Day (May 1st)
  2. Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)
  3. Mother’s Day honoring and blessings
  4. Graduation/Commencements


  • Drink de Mayo: How Culture is being Consumed
  • Graduation – It is Time!


  1. Summer Solstice
  2. Graduations/Commencements


  • Honoring the Seasons and Ourselves
  • Graduation – It is Time!


Alternative Fourth of July Events


International Day of World’s Indigenous People’s


Prayer’s across Continents- The Peace & Dignity Journeys



  1. Hispanic Heritage Month/Mes de la Americas
  2. International Literacy Day
  3. Dia del Maiz/Day of the Corn (Sept. 29th)


Indigenous People’s Day /Dia de la Raza- Alternative Columbus Day (Oct 12th)


  • Indigenous Women Today
  • Xicana Indigena Politics, Prayer, Performance
  • Prayer’s across Continents- The Peace & Dignity Journeys


  1. Day of the Dead Celebrations
  2. Native American Heritage Month (LA Area)


  • Day of the Dead—History and Today
  • How to create a Day of the Dead altar (interactive workshop)
  • Prayer’s across Continents- The Peace & Dignity Journeys


  1. Human Rights Day
  2. Winter Solstice


  • Healthy Relationships 101/Violence 101
  • Honoring the seasons and ourselves

Below is more detailed summary on some of the listed workshops:

”Mujeres de Maiz- Harvesting Hope and Healing through Wombyn’s Arte.”

A workshop on how wombyn can delve into our creative side for the empowerment of yourself, family and community.  The workshop focuses on how women’s art collectives in the Los Angeles area have done groundbreaking work to educate, empower, politicize, and heal themselves and their community.   A docuwombyntary, photos, and testimonials are shared as well and various art forms/performance and “how to’s” including how to start a collective(s) and other sample projects and activities.

What people have said about the Mujeres de Maiz workshop

“Very empowering as a young Mexican woman”

“very inspirational”

“Great way to encourage young women to be creative”

“You inspire me”

“I really like the video”

“Best workshop all day!”


Movemynt Pains:  Dealing with Sexism & Fleshing Feminism in Social Justice Circles

The workshop is a beginning dialogue regarding sexism, gender politics and issues within movement organizing as well as sharing of resources and ways to begin to not only challenge patriarchy but also to flesh out & embody feminism and create spaces of healing and empowerment of all peoples.

Artivism in Action: Educate, Empower, Transform

A presentation by Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes on how Artivism (art and activism) can educate, empower, inspire and transform people and communities.  Fe shares various examples of projects created with different causes and mediums for this purpose including her own work, and that of the groundbreaking Los Angeles women’s collectives In Lak Ech and Mujeres de Maiz.

“Cultura Cura Circles: Culturally based Holistic Talking Circles for Ourselves & our Community”

Based on indigenous and ancestral ways of relating with each other, these circles allow groups and individuals to open up to each other and to the sacred within us all.    The circle encourages dialogue, respect, sharing, and learning among members of a group and values the interconnected culture, teachings and knowledge of all especially that of Indigenous ways.  The symbolism of the circle, with no beginning and with no one in a position of prominence, serves to encourage people to speak freely and honestly in a safe space.

Cesar Chavez:  Education, Celebration, and Service

A workshop on how you can honor Cesar Chavez Day and farmworkers in your community or campus.   Basic information and background regarding Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Movement are shared including a video as well as various resources (sample curriculum/lesson plan referrals).  How to’s including organizing an assembly, special event at your location, and service projects are discussed/shared.

Artists, Activists and Work, Oh My!  Non-Traditional Jobs in Communities of Color
A presentation and talk about non-traditional jobs working within art and social justice arena and creating your own career and path in communities of color.  Participants will hear the personal journey of a womyn of color artivist, Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes, and the path she has chosen to create as the Zapatistas say “ a world where many worlds fit.”  Discussion will also bring up sexism, payment, and treatment of artists within social movements, artist unions, issues of cultural capital and more.


  • Chican@ Art
  • Chican@s y Zapatismo
  • Wombyn & Hip Hop
  • Public Art
  • Womyn Writers (w/ Writing Workshop)
  • “Coyolxauhqui Remembered:  Mesoamerican & MeXicana Indigena Art and Spirituality”


MEChA Statewide (Pasadena, CA) “Mujeres de Maiz: Harvesting Hope through the Arts” 4/2010

Chicana Feminisms Conference (CSULB, CA) “Mujeres de Maiz: Harvesting Hope through the Arts” 3/2010

Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social Summer Institute (Las Cruces, NM); on Mujeres de Maiz 7/2009

MEChA Nationals Conference (Eugene, OR); “Mujeres de Maiz: Harvesting Hope through the Arts” 3/2009

Festival of Dignant Rage (Mexico City, D.F.); presented on Xicana Indigena Activism & Arts 12/2008

CSULA “Women of Color”, Women Studies class; presented on Mujeres de Maiz 11/2008

LAUSD “Embrace the Legacy-Cesar E. Chavez”   (100’s of presentations to schools, principals, etc.)           2001-Present

NACCS, “Mujeres de Maiz”  Performance & Panel discussion                                   2000-2004, 2009, 2010

Abriendo Brecha Activist/Academic Conference, UT Austin; Performance & Panel re: Mujeres de Maiz 2003

UCLA Raza Womyn’s Conference; Poetry workshop                                                                         2001-2002

Proyecto Pastoral’s, Community Women’s Conference                                                                                      2001-2002

Images from various presentations/workshops

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