Power of Poetry

The Power of Poetry

A creative writing workshop for all. Share your stories, validate your voices, honor you his/herstories. Writing is way to do all of this. In this workshop, Fe shares her own experience and journey as a Xicana Indigenous spoken word artist for the past 2 decades and guides the group in writing exercises and prompts to share stories.

Felicia has shared social justice focused and feminist indigenous poetry and workshops for over almost 2 decades for all ages and communities. Felicia is a published poet in books, magazines, and self published her poetry book “Ten Fe” in 2011. She is currently working on a CD of spoken word poetry and hip hop with a related curriculum.



Time: 1-2 hours

Ages:  Middle School to Adult

Space Needs: Classroom setting or any variation of that

A/V Needs: Projector/screen, chalkboard or butcher paper. Participants need paper and writing utensil.