Politricked Public Art Cart

Elotera PPAC Cart



The Politricked Public Art Cart created by Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes and  Joel ‘rageone’ Garcia embodies the P’s of Public Art including Posters, Projections, Performance, Poetry, and Politics.  It is a mobile art cart made in the style of the elote or corn vendor cart that is also a migrating space for empowering education, information, and art.  It is a small political art hub with a silkscreen press, TV monitor, projector, P.A. system and mobile unit for the sharing of political platforms through image, video, performance, poetry, and protest.  It is also a place for dialogue with informational brochures, flyers, and Know Your Rights information.   The Politricked cart will be put to use on a regular basis in various communities as a site for arts and action.

Politricked Public Art Cart in MFA thesis exhibit

Here’s some photos of our inspiration, process, and prior projection performances that pushed us to create this cart.  We hope this to be a template  for other activists to use in their organizing and education strategies. Please contact us for more information.


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