Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes is a Xicana Indigenous artivist, organizer & holistic wellness practitioner focusing in the healings arts of herbalism and indigenous cultural traditions. She is the director of Mujeres de Maiz, a women of color holistic artivist organization and the founder of Ten Fe Healing Arts and La Botanica del Barrio. She is on a lifelong journey of education, growth, and transformation and has sought teachings and education in herbalism, Mexican traditional medicine and curanderismo since 2012 and indigenous traditions and philosophy for almost 2 decades. She is an attuned Reiki 1 Practitioner and a certified organic Victory Gardener, Western Herbalism Student Apprentice (2 years) and a soon to be Steam Healing Institute Practitioner.

Felicia has also danced in the Aztec/Mexica and other Indigenous traditions. She has facilitated monthly indigenous based talking circles on full moons since 2010 and is a trained facilitator of Xinachtli, a young women’s rites of passage circle. Since 1997, she has shared song and drumming with the group In Lak Ech and has facilitated various opening blessings and rituals.

Felicia has connected with indigenous communities from across Mexico since 2000 when she participated as a runner and coordinator in the Peace and Dignity Prayer Run.

She also creates altars, intentional spaces and healing circles and has coordinated Day of the Dead ceremonies and festivals based in the Aztec and Chicana/o artistic and spiritual traditions. She is honored to have studied under Estela Roman, Atava Garcia Swiecicki, Julie James, and various Mexicayotl and Xican@ Indigenous elders since 1997.