In response to Fe’s wellness workshops:
“Awesome, loved hearing about different cultures and medicines”
“I felt empowered”
“Great tone and connection. Inclusive and informative”
“I needed this so much, I learned so much. Thank you for the work you do”
“A very inclusive environment- lots of good energy!”
In response to Self Care for Activists Workshop:
“100% excellent, it came at a crucial moment/space when I needed to take stress out of my body. Good information, resources”

“I learned a lot”
“5 stars yo!”
“I want to bring it to my area”
“Recommended, cuz it is needed and healing”
“I was able to see, touch, and taste the plants”
“a lot of information, all very useful”

In response to the Mujeres de Maiz related Workshops:

“Very empowering as a young Mexican woman”

“Very inspirational”

“Great way to encourage young women to be creative”

“You inspire me”

“I really like the video”

“Best workshop all day!”